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MCA is a collaborative Hobart based studio led by Directors Michael Cooper and Anna Cooper. Founded in 1992, our practice merges Architecture, Interior Design, Master Planning and Project Management to realise projects with a distinctly holistic approach. Our architecture highlights how people experience and navigate place and how place affects them. We collectively harness expertise in master planning, urban design, architecture and interior design to highlight our commitment to design quality and spaces that work due to cohesion between design integrity, culture and attentional to detail.

Our work represents a sound cross-section of the built environment and includes education, medical, residential, and commercial projects. MCA embraces an integrated approach to economic and social sustainability in all areas of design and contract administration, furthermore, respect, knowledge and consideration for people and the natural environment define both our work and our design philosophy.

We are committed to designing beautiful and highly sustainable buildings that consider both form and function, now and for future longevity. We are not only a client-focused and forward-thinking practise but also one that aims to positively impact the wider community through a unique and considered approach to each of our projects.